Who is 18-year-old P-Priime, the producer behind hits for Fireboy, Zlatan, DJ Cuppy and more?






P-Priime has produced popular songs like ‘Like I Do’ for Fireboy, ‘Money Devotion’ for Gbasky, ‘Gelato’ for DJ Cuppy and ‘Unripe Paw Paw’ for Zlatan, ‘Egungun’ for Zlatan and more.


On March 28, 2020, Nigerian producer, P-Prime clocked 18, but a lot of people still don’t know who he is. In this rapid fire conversation that had to be done against the tide of coronavirus, he tells Pulse about his journey into music production, working with Zlatan, Fireboy, DJ Cuppy, Gbasky and more.


P-Priime has produced popular songs like ‘Like I Do’ for Fireboy, ‘Money Devotion’ for Gbasky, ‘Gelato’ for DJ Cuppy and ‘Unripe Paw Paw’ for Zlatan, ‘Egungun’ for Zlatan and more. Anytime you hear a tuned-up, yet amped down vocal sample, ‘P-Prime!’ That’s him. However, his ‘Prime’ has an extra ‘i.’ You can read the chat below;


Rehabmp3: Who is P-Priime?


P-Prime: P.Priime is a terrorist in music production (laughs).


Rehabmp3: When did you start making music?


Prime: I’ve been making music ever since I was little. I used to play instruments in the church choir.


Rehabmp3: When did you realize music could be a viable music career for you?


Prime: After I got paid for my first production, I was always going to do music one way or the other, from my childhood days.


Rehabmp3: The career of a lot of music producers can be short-lived, how do you plan to abridge that?


Prime: I’m versatile and always in search of new sounds, as long as I have the potential to evolve as music evolves, I’m here to stay.


Rehabmp3: Your sound is very afro-pop, but what you did on Gbasky’s ‘Black Frequency’ suggests a wider range. What is your sound?


Prime: I’m versatile and an explorer. Also, my brother (Adeleke) always tells me “when experimenting, if what you’re trying to fuse in is good/sounds sweet, no matter genre or how weird it sounds, it will always be accepted.”


Rehabmp3: How did you meet Zlatan, Fireboy and Gbasky?


Prime: My manager (The Cake) linked me up with Zlatan after I told her I had a fire beat for him. Fireboy – We met at a session. After the session, he told me he loved the way I work and would love us to keep working. Gbasky – We are under the same management, so you know the rest…


Rehabmp3: Hardest song you’ve ever had to produce?


Prime: None yet. I’m open to challenges.


Rehabmp3: Would you ever make music as P-Priime the artist?


Prime: Lol. who knows, never say never. By the way, check out my song with Jeff Akoh and Ric Hassani, ‘Good loving.’


Rehabmp3: What is success to you?


Prime: Success is achieving my goals, while being able to improve whatever space I am in..


Rehabmp3: How important is everyday life to your music?


Prime: It’s very important. I’m influenced by my environment, mood etc


Rehabmp: Do you get paid for your work?


Prime: Haq Haq Haq Haq. What do you think? For sure! Thanks to my manager for always making sure I do.

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