DO YOU AGREE? Zlatan Killed “Egungun Be Careful” With His Noise – Twitter Influencer Claim




Is this really what killed the “Egungun Be Careful” momentum?
So I’m not alone in thinking the whole wave the slang “Egungun Be Careful” is enjoying has finally ended.

So what killed it?

Recently, Zlatan teams up with the Paramount King of Fuji, Abbass Obesere on the Remake of his 20 years ago “Egungun Becareful” song.

Just few days after the jam was released, it was nowhere to be found again, and just like that the slang “Egungun Be Careful” entered express and motor jam am.

However, a Twitter influencer with the handle @T4thobi gave an insightful reason to the reason for the quick fading off of “Egungun Be Careful“.


See the tweet below: –

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